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Xerlin Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: May 2003

1) What is Xerlin?
Xerlin is an XML editing or modeling tool written in 100% Java. It runs on any platform with JDK1.2 or higher. It provides an extensible architecture where developers can plug-in their own editing screens to make editing certain elements of a DTD easier, or more specific to their application.

2) What do you mean by XML Modeling Tool?
Most XML editors are just that, a text editor that has special features for XML files. Xerlin provides a cleaner user interface for novice and power-users alike, but the actual text of the XML file is not available (yet) for direct editing by the user within the application.

3) How do I get Xerlin?
The initial version of the source is available for download from our Distribution page. We also have a CVS server available for anonymous CVS access.

4) What makes Xerlin different than other XML editors?
Xerlin provides a Java plugin API that lets you create custom editors for individual XML elements (a la JavaBeans Customizers) to make XML editing easier and faster.

5) Why did you create Xerlin?
We were looking for an XML editing solution that we could extend, but nothing else was out there. We didn't want our users who were going to be using this to have to learn XML as most other editors make you do.

6) What's involved in creating a custom editor for individual elements?
You write a Swing component that implements a certain interface. You'll be able to see how simple this is when we get the source released.

7) Can Xerlin handle XML schemas in addition to DTD's?
Yes - there are still some aspects that need to be worked on, but this is part of why we're open sourcing it, so new functionality can be added by the people that need it the most. We are working on a Xerlin wish list.

8) Can I integrate Xerlin into other applications?
Yes - there is a component called the XerlinPanel which allows the Xerlin XML editor to be a added to an existing Swing application in the same way that a JButton or JComboBox could be added. See the XerlinPanel JavaDoc for more information.

9) How can I get started writing plugins?
See the Plugin Development Guide or Robert Parker's Plugin Cookbook.