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   Who's Using Xerlin?
    Yes, there are people using Xerlin in the real world! This page is a quick run down of who's using it, and how. If you're using Xerlin for a project, please let us know by sending an email to xerlin at xerlin.org.

"We developed a B2B tool for XML and EDI data interchange. It is necessary to define the format of the EDI data. This is done in XML in our product. There are many structures in EDI messages, this is very complex. These structures are messages, segments, segmentgroups, composite dataelements and dataelements. We defined the possible structure in a DTD. It is really nice that you could use the right mouse in Xerlin to add ONLY an allowed substructure into the formatdescription of the EDI data. For example: If your cursor is on a segment, you are only allowed to add a composite dataelement or a dataelement. That works very fine in Xerlin and beginners of EDI couldn't make that many errors defining the structures." -- Stefan Heller


"Exari's SmartEditor tool, based on Xerlin, is intended to provide lawyers with a customised assembly and editing environment for contracts and other legal documents. The SmartEditor:

  • enables lawyers to create structured legal documents with minimal knowledge of XML or DTDs
  • allows lawyers to create legal documents in a modular way (ie by importing and exporting clauses, paragraphs and other component parts)
  • provides lawyers with an intuitive and user-friendly editing environment that is, as far as practicable, similar to the word processing environment they are familiar with
  • operates in a way that is consistent with the document drafting process normally undertaken by lawyers
  • provides for user-definable templates, so that complex tree structures are hidden from users"
-- Justin Lipton

SmartEditor screenshot


"MShift, Inc. is a wireless applications company based in San Jose, CA. MShift's flagship product, MobileShift(tm) ACStar, enables the rapid extension to all mobile devices, of existing back-end business solutions such as banking, finance, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce applications. MobileShift(tm) ACStar seamlessly integrates with existing back-end applications such as OFX servers, relational database servers, web servers, XML, and other back-end systems. It supports a wide range of existing protocols and rapidly adds wireless access to these existing back-end applications.

MShift provides a wide range of solutions and services to meet each client's unique requirements. Services include In-House solutions, ASP hosted solutions, and consulting services, including complete end-to-end development, testing, and deployment. With MShift's solutions, institutions can quickly and painlessly extend their services to mobile clients using WAP phones, Pocket PC's, Palm OS devices, RIM pagers, iMode phones, voice-only phones, and other hand held devices.

MShift is developing a new MScript editor based on Xerlin, that would allow the rapid development and deployment of MScripts, the scripting language for the MobileShift(tm) ACStar platform." --Awele Ndili